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Estudio Fischer gives you the professionals your Company needs to provide you legal and financial advisory, notarizations, outsourcing and real estate. With a multidisciplinary team comprised of experts in the different fields and a wide experience in the local and international market, our firm stands out for fostering a personalized and cooperative relationship with our clients. We are here to help you find the best opportunities for your business and prevent any potential problems that may arise. We believe that through working with honesty, commitment, transparency, excellence and professionalism, we build bonds of trust and a streamlined operation with the clients who choose us. Your finances and your legal matters are extremely important for you. Choosing Estudio Fischer, your company will gain a professional team dedicated to the success of your business.

Our firm

Accounting and Tax Department

Javier Fischer

Public Accountant – Managing Partner

Germán Mayer West

Public Accountant

Federico Paredes

Public Accountant

Silvana Carve


Alejandra Valles

Associate Degree of BA – Head of Administration

Estefani Munsch

Public Accountant

Lucía Bakst

Jr. Accountant

Santiago Corso

Jr. Accountant

Natalia Barreto

Jr. Accountant

Fiorella Rodríguez

Jr. Accountant

Katerin Suárez

Jr. Accountant

Agustina Camarero

Jr. Accountant

Florencia Rodríguez

Receptionist – Secretary

Notarial Legal Department

María Belén Fernández

Lawyer & Notary Public – Senior Partner

Marytza Nadotti Cristiani

Lawyer & Notary Public – Partner

Claudia Saráchaga

Notary Public

Gimena Brun

Notary Public

Andrea Di Carlo

Notary Public

Enzo Alexandre

Notary Public

María Eugenia Camarero


Flavia Mazzucco

Lawyer – Head of Corporate Legal Department

Maia Amondarain


Juan Martín Montaño


Claudia Urrutia

Lawyer – Compliance Officer

María Noel Siutto

Administrative Clerk

Business Development & Human Resources

Agostina Cauterucci